Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Personal Changes Are Afoot

My blog posts and contributions to forums may have to take a back seat for a while. There are at multitude of reasons for this, a few being;

 - baby No.2 due in 5 months
 - starting a new job
    - which means lots of work finalising and handing over data mining projects at my current employer (Optus)
    - lots of new stuff to read and learn at the new employer (SAS)

My new job is going to take me away from using Clementine and SPSS software (which will be weird after using it every day for over 10 years..), although I might be working on some data mining projects.
I’ll try to contribute a post if I'm doing really cool data analysis that I can talk about…


Adam said...

Good to hear from you Tim. What exactly will you be doing at SAS?

Jeff said...

Congrats Tim.

I just switched jobs as well and went from Clementine to SAS EM.


Sandro Saitta said...


Should be cool to work at SAS. I wish you all the best! I hope you'll soon write SAS-related posts :-)


Shane said...

Good luck with the baby and new appointment! Keep in touch!

Tim Manns said...

My role at SAS will be as a Business Consultant. In plain english this means I will be working with SAS prospects and customers to understand the datamining / analysis problems they face. I will probably be presenting often and also working hands-on to deliver the best solutions possible.

Datalligence said...

a bit late, but congrats on the baby and the new job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

congrats on the baby.

it appears that SAS EM is becoming the standard app in the analytics area, isn't it?

Since you have a lot of experience let me pose a question with regard to imaging processing and pattern recognition.What do you think of this area in terms of jobs? What kind of projects could one expect to work on?

Tim Manns said...

Hello 'Steelnerves'

I'm more of a marketing analyst, so image processing and pattern recognition is not my area. At a wild guess I'd suggest this is a good avenue for research, but not marketing jobs :) There are *many* applications for good image processing (eg. speeding cars - number plate recognition, face recognition for id security, object scanning at customs etc etc).

If you want to do image processing go for it! I'd expect there will be vacancies for these types of role, but not half as many as for marketing, risk and business analysts.

If you just want a job then consider a broad range of skills in data mining toolsets and supporting technologies such as parallel data warehousing, hadoop, cloud etc that might be more common in future businesses.