Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teradata Podcasts on Data Mining And SNA

I sometimes get asked by vendors to present case studies or examples of work so that they can attract new customers or demonstrate how existing customers can use the software/solution. Below are details of a podcast I did over the phone with Teradata (I was in Sydney, they were in US). There wasn't any preparation, I just kinda 'winged-it'. Any numbers I quoted were rough estimates from memory (not official numbers!). And yes, my voice is a bit high pitched and I do sometimes sound like a 50 year old lady....apologies :)

The podcasts discuss customer insights and data mining analyses that are performed. We later then discussed social networking analysis and how linking customers by social calling groups helps predict customer action (such as churn or acquisition of an iPhone handset). TCRM is a Teradata tool I am not familiar with, but my colleagues do use it for campaign delivery, and it has the capability to perform trigger based campaigns (such a send a retention offer to other members of a social group when one member of that group churns).

I'm very fortunate that I am occasionally permitted to present my work. One of my main arguments for doing this is that I get peer review and feedback from other data miners, and an idea whether the analytics we do is 'better than most'.

So, I beg you! Please let me know either way; If this stuff is good or bad I need to know (especially if you work in Telco).



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Enhancing Customer Knowledge and Retention at Optus

In This Podcast
Optus is an Australian telecommunications carrier that uses analytics to increase customer retention. The data being analyzed comes from call centers, mobile phone call details, census geo-demographic data, and a history customer behavior. Teradata CRM and the data warehouse environment from Teradata is key to Optus’ success with reliably identifying customers that might churn and offering marketing campaigns that are relevant and timely. Optus saw a 20% reduction in churn.

Social Networking Analysis at Optus

In This Podcast
Tim Manns from Optus discusses how the company uses detailed network data from its Teradata system to look at calling behavior. With 40% of the Australian telecommunications market, the company cross-references each customer with every other customer, groups them together based on who they communicate with, looks at the behavior of the group, and can then predict next steps and target those groups with appropriate products and services.


Anonymous said...

somewhat amateurish, but otherwise decent.

Tim Manns said...

re "amateurish"
-> presentation style or data mining content?

I'd certainly agree that it could have been presented better. The podcast wasn't something I was prepared for.

The content on the other hand is tricky to discuss without being vague. We have intellectual property concerns and I have trouble finding anything out there to compare against and I'd love to know what you're doing in comparision.



Nick Lim said...

Hi Tim,

A very difficult topic to make accessible for the audience that Teradata is aiming at. Great effort.

I wanted to reach out and connect. My startup is working on large scale graph mining software, of which telco call graphs are one of the largest. Am curious about any bottlenecks you are facing. Please drop me a email if you have a moment.


PS. Will be at teradata user conf, hope to link up there for beers.

Greg said...

Hi Tim,

I enjoyed your talk and look forwards to some innovative service offerings from Optus.

I wonder if you saw the paper from IBM Research on SNA for caller churn prediction?

"Social Ties and their Relevance to Churn in Mobile Telecom Networks" (Dasgupta et al. 2008)

Should be up your alley.