Friday, March 27, 2009

Presenting at conference Uniscon 2009

I've been asked to present at Uniscon 2009. One to the professors involved at the University of Western Sydney is a relative of an analyst I work with and requested I present. I usually find academic conferences are snooze city, but they promised me free beer and I live in Sydney anyway, so I can get home to see the baby before the night's end. I hope I'm just one of many industry persons there and it proves to be an insightful event.

I'm not presenting work. I will be presenting from a personal perspective as a industry data miner (I've not enough time to prepare my presentation and get legal approval from work) and I'll be discussing generic topics instead of describing recent data mining projects and quoting numbers or factual business outcomes.

I suspect a large part of my attendance is to drive some enthusiasm and make the students interested in data mining and aware of what challenges you face in data mining roles.

If you are attending then feel free to say 'hi'.
For info on the conference see;

wider website

Below was the presentation title and abstract I threw together (now just have to write it...). There is a social networking analysis (SNA) element to it (because that's what I'm focused on at the moment).

Presentation title:
Know your customers. Know who they know they know, and who they don't.

Presentation Abstract:
Tim's presentation will describe some of the types of marketing analysis a typical telecommunications company might do, including social network analysis (SNA, which is a hot topic right now). He also elaborates on the technical and practical side of data mining, and what business impacts data mining may have.

More importantly the presentation will help answer questions such as;
- What skills are required for Data Mining?
- What problems are commonly faced during Data Mining projects?
- And just what is this Data Mining stuff all about anyway?

- Tim

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