Thursday, October 16, 2008

new book "Marketing Calculator"

I'm famous! :) I'm delighted to say that I’ve been referenced in a new marketing book by Guy Powell titled “Marketing Calculator”.

I met Guy in Oct 2007 whilst presenting a couple of data mining case studies at a Marketing Analytics conference in Singapore. My presentation title was ‘given’ to me by the conference organisers, but it allowed some freedom regarding the content. I discussed how we use a comprehensive data warehouse, and how having access to detailed customer data enriched with demographic data can enable you to get some impressive response rates from campaigns, and sales numbers by up-selling to existing customers, and most importantly retain and grow your customer base.

Guy and I spent some time discussing our work and he asked if could include it as a case study in his book. I received the book yesterday afternoon and am already through the first 4 chapters (60 pages). It reads easily and is proving to be a very worthwhile book. It is a Marketing book (it doesn’t contain statistical equations or examples of algorithms on data mining) and I would recommend it for anyone involved in marketing. So far it has provided some well structured and clear insights how you can improve your marketing practices.

- Tim


Bookmarketing Newbie said...
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Guy Powell said...

Update! We have moved websites, the Marketing Calculator book can be found at Make sure to check it out.