Monday, September 1, 2008

Run multiple instances of Clementine 12

Something I find very useful...

One good change to Clementine in recent versions is to allow you to double click on a Clementine stream file and have that stream load in an already open Clementine client application. In the past double clicking a stream file always resulted in a new Clementine application being started.

A minor downside to this new feature is that by default you can't open two instances of the Clementine client even if you wanted to. I sometimes need to do this in order to run some analysis on the server box and other smaller analysis locally on my laptop.

By adding an additional command flag to the clementine start command you can force it to open multiple application windows, each olne could be configured to connect to a different server or run locally;

"C:\Program Files\SPSS\Clementine12.0\bin\clementine.exe" -noshare

-> add the "-noshare" option to the Clementine application start command.

Then simply clicking on any stream file will still open in the first Clementine client application window that started, but you have the option of opening additional Clementine client applications directly if you want.



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