Wednesday, August 13, 2008

iPhone update (what bill shock?)

Update to my previous post, subsequent monitoring of iPhone users is showing that most are within their data download limits. Although the new 3G iPhones are showing slight more data download than their 2G counterparts, it is doubtful that mobile customers are going to be recieving unexpected bills with excess data charges.

I've resisted getting an iPhone so far, but my colleagues keep tempting me...

The pros;
- it has a great user interface. The scrolling nature and design of the UI is amazing. The concept of momentum that exists when you scroll through menus and music library is very cool.
- Optimum size. Its not that small, but yes it has a screen you can actually see. It fits in your back pocket.
- some versions have decent sized storage (16GB etc) for music and video.
- most importantly it has little apps such as the StarWars LightSaber. This app uses the momentum / gyro within the iPhone to react as you wave the iPhone around. It sound just like you have a LightSaber. Being able to turn on a Light Saber during a meeting when a colleague makes a dumb witted comment and chop them into pieces is priceless...
They just took this off of the apps library, but they will be replacing it with an offical one (hopefully still free)

The cons;
- battery life isn't so good. The screen uses a lot of power.
- battery cannot easily be replaced, can't carry a replacement for emergencies.
- no support for video calls
- no support for picture messaging

For me long battery life is quite important, and although I could send videos via email etc using the iPhone, I'm surprised it only supports the basic forms of mobile communication (especially considering its a 3G phone).

But the LightSaber app is really cool... :)

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